Come Inside


        As you walk into the front entryway of Capri,
        you will be welcomed by a mural of The Isle
        of Capri.  Throughout the restaurant, you will
        be treated to a fine ambience along with
        many original hand painted murals for you to
        enjoy with your dining experience.


     The main seating in Capri is highlighted by
     the mural along the west side wall of the
     building.  You can choose between booth or
     table seating.  "C", as it is know to Capri staff,
     can hold up to 90 people.



                "B" is a room that can accomodate
                 private parties up to 60 people. 




        "A" is a small, quaint room with four booths
        that can hold up to 20 people.  The mural on
        the wall shows Italian men pulling in fish via
        a net with the assistance of mules to heavy
        the load.


       For over 30 years, Vito Sr. has relied on
       his faithful Faulds Oven to cook countless
       pizzas.  His sons Vito Jr. and Mike intend to
       do the same for the next 30 years.



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